SP Recovery+10%. The cards in orange cannot be obtained via OCA. Giearth Card: Decreases Earth property damage by 15%. No need to research them all, I’ll put them all here in one post. Ragnarok Online; Best card for armor? D&D Beyond This is my second FAQ and hopefully a great success just like my original Skills Guide. Base Vitality >= 77: Add a chance of auto casting Silence is increased to 9%. Ragnarok Online Item Database. gloom under the night – increase damage inflicted on neutral property, ghost property, goblin lord- increases damage inflicted on poison property, undead property, undead monster, insect monster by 40%. Item Type Effect Fallen Warrior Armor: Armor: Atk +10; Reduces damage taken … What's the best card to put in your armor (assuming that you could afford only one slotted armor) if you were play a pure PvM character? These names are used for clarity. of all teammates within 5m by 1% for each 800 of Max SP, When Roda Frog Card is equipped, SP Regen +1, When being attacked by Savages, each VIT point increases reflection damage, Demi-Human Dmg Reduc. The following armor cards increase inflicted physical damage by 40% based on the 2 element of the enemy. DEF+2. Xenogears15 12 years ago #1. earth deleter – Reduces natural SP recovery by 100%. Headgear. Reduce Casting Time by 10%. With monster drop, vendor location, description, related npc and other information for each item. Wood Goblin Card: Detale When equipped with Peco Peco Card, the HP Alight effect is enhanced, When Bards or Dancers perform, the wearer can increase the Dmg & Magic Reduc. Drain 100 SP as the armor is unequipped. Elements, Races, Sizes are your best way to increase … Weapon have a minimum of 0 slots, to a maximum of 4. With monster drop, description and other information for each item. Your source for Ragnarok M Monsters, Cards, Quests, Database, Headwears, Blueprints, Items, Market Prices, Exchange Price List and Stats and Skills calculator. Type: Card: Class: Armor Card: Buy: 20z: Sell: 10z: Weight: 1: Pre/Suffix: of Clarity: Description: Add a 3% chance of auto casting Level 1 Attention Concentrate on the user when the user receives Physical Damage. When the wearer is a Mage, M.Atk +3%, Max HP +300, Max SP +150. Ragnarok Online is a fast-paced, community driven fantasy MMORPG. Browse the Ragnarok Mobile cards, card price, card crafting. Gain 10 SP each time an enemy is killed by a Physical Melee Damage. Find detailed information on Card - items. ROM This is an album of cards that increase your Intelligence stat. (PvM) User Info: Xenogears15. Disguise Info Item ID: Compound: Armor Pre/Suffix: Soundless Description: Add a 3% chance of auto-casting Silence on an enemy when the user receives Physical Damage. Where do you socket your weapon, armor, accessories, off-hand, footgear and garment? If the user has mastered the skill at Level 10, it will cast Level 10 Attention Concentrate. When suffering Dam, There is a 3% chance to cause: Agi +5, Dex +5; this effect lasts 2 minutes. marc card – Gain protection from the Freeze status and increase resistance to Water Property by 5%. Item Database > Armor Shard Armor Shard. Alicel Card: Armor: Def -5: Alicel Card: Armor: Flee +10: Aliza Card: Armor: Adds a 5% chance of using [Charming Wink] Lv 1 on the attacker when physically attacked. On the other hand, Weapons, which can have more than one slot, can gain more than 1 Prefix / Suffix. Armor Pre/Suffix: Prime Defense Description: DEF +5. Introduction Cards, when slotted into equipments, will add a Prefix / Suffix to your weapon's name. Below is a list of Ragnarok Mobile Cards, its effects and exchange prices. Your ultimate guide for Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love. Defense is the total physical defense that is factored upon physical damage, which is generally based on ATK as whole or partially. DEF + 5. Equipments such as Armor & Footgear, which as only one slot, can have a maximum of 1 Prefix / Suffix. Ragnarok Online Card Combo/Equipment Combo Guide by Kridly Kridly@Gmail.com /~~~~~\ [ Table of Contents ] \~~~~~/ 1. The MVP, SMVP and Mini cards are probably one of the most expensive cards in the Ragnarok M Eternal Love (Mobile). Aliza Card: Armor: If used by a Dancer job type, chance is increased to 10%. By Race (accessory), Physical Dead Deviling Card [Armor card] Effect When [Dead Deviling Card] + [Deviling ★ Card] are both equipped: Neutral Dmg received -50%, Dmg received -15% M.Dmg Received -30% Dmg Received +15% +15 Crit. Sandman Card: Endows the armor with the Level 1 Earth property. Only non-mvp modifier cards (Size, Element and Race) have been included as they are obtainable and typically provide the largest impact to increasing your character’s damage. The vast majority of players do not use these terms in general conversation, and instead refer Armor Def (hard) and VIT Def (soft). sky deleter – Reduces natural HP recovery by 100%. Being very hard, it can be used to make equipment. Questions. Head Gear Card 6. disguise – 9% chance to inflict silence on attacker when taking physical damage, grizzly – 9% chance to inflict blind on attacker when taking physical damage, pest – 9% chance to inflict stone on attacker when taking physical damage, chimera – 9% chance to inflict poison on attacker when taking physical damage, sasquatch – 9% chance to inflict freeze on attacker when taking physical damage, skeleton prisoner – 9% chance to inflict sleep on attacker when taking physical damage. Ragnarok Online – Card Guide/List PC. It’s also the most powerful card that you can find in the game that surely gives a boost for your character during PVP and War of Emperium. earth deleter – Reduces natural SP recovery by 100%. Fallen Warrior Armor & Evil Druid Card Set. Add this game to my: ... Shield Card 5. I have listed the Cards that affect your weapon damage, reduce incoming damage, change armor element, and increases experience. If you have any other list suggestions, please comment it below. There are 7 types of cards that can be use for specific equipment type. Content is available under CC BY-SA 3.0 unless otherwise noted. Used in PVM, this skill decreases the VIT of a monster by 40% for a short amount of time. The additional card slot for your gear will require 10 additional copies of the item you are looking to socket (1x Item to be slotted + 10x Same Item = 11x Total). The descriptions used here refer to Hard and Soft DEF. I'm SoulEclipse and I'm here to talk about the cards of Ragnarok Online. Equipments with slots can be installed with a card. Strip Armor forcibly strips the armor off a target. STR+1. and Magic Reduc. [Loli Ruri, Miyabi Doll, Evil Nymph, Harpy & Bloody Butterfly Card Combo]More Information on Combo: Loli Ruri Card, Miyabi Doll Card, Evil Nymph Card, Parasite Card, Harpy Card & Bloody Butterfly Card Contact/About Me 11. If the armor is refined to +14 or higher, MaxHP + 3%. Garment Card 8. The cards in blue are mini-boss cards, and also cannot be obtained via OCA. Armor Card 7. Damage comparison of Archer Skeleton Star, Siroma and the new Einherjer Armor Card; Hurd Card, which gives 10% damage to Mini and MVP to other armor cards. Dryad Card: Decreases Earth property damage by 10%. +1%, Dmg received from Bowling Bash -20. Dropped By: Hardrock Mammoth This page was last edited on 27 June 2017, at 01:41. By doing so, the Weapon will receive the bonus mentioned on the card. succubus – Con-3, hp recovery -50%, max hp+2000, with incubus card Con+4 and hp recovery +100%, dark frame – increase damage to angel race by 10%, goat – increase damage to plant race by 10%, savage – increase damage to brute race by 10%, venomous – increase damage to formless race by 10%, wraith dead – increase damage to undead race by 10%, creamy fear – increase damage to ghost property by 10%, giant spider – increase damage to poison property by 10%, poring – increase damage to water property by 10%, remover – increase damage to fire property by 10%, sea otter – increase damage to shadow property by 10%, ancient mimic – if luk is 90 or higher, agility +7, killer mantis – if int is 90 or higher, +7 str, mistress of shelter – if str is 90 or higher, +7 int, apocalypse – increase max weight by 100 per refine. Gain 10 SP each time an enemy is killed by a Physical Melee Damage. All information on cards that go into head gear, armor, shoes, garment, weapon and accessory for the mmorpg Ragnarok Online. Armor: Agav - MATK + 5%, DEF - 10. orc lord card – reflect 33% of physical melee damage, Blood stained knight – Increase damage inflicted on Holy Property, Shadow Property, Angel monster and Demon monster by 40%. Original: Enables the use of Level 3 Cloaking. Res. Cards are items that are installed into equipment to provide beneficial effects to the player. Log In to add custom notes to this or any other game. Type: Card: Class: Shield Card: Buy: 20z: Sell: 10z: Weight: 1: Pre/Suffix: Reinforced: Description: DEF + 1 Add a 5% resistance against Neutral Property attacks. Weapon Cards In General: Weapons Cards, as stated, are cards that a player can slot into a Sloted Weapon. Gain 100 HP each time an enemy is killed by a Physical Melee Damage. Depending on the equipment, this may be quite expensive. Notify me about new: Guides. Dozens of classes, hundreds of weapons and armors, tons of different skill load outs to customize your character to your play-style and truly you are in control of your game destiny Alicel - Flee Rate + 10. Magma Dragon – increases damage inflicted on wind property, kobold lord – increase damage inflicted on water property, earth property, fish monster and plant monster by 40%, Celine Kimi – reduce after cast delay by 25%. By Element (garment), Physical The following cards will provide +5 ATK, and increases critical rate in +15 in a determinate race and provides 10% damage increase in a certain element. I haven't played for awhile, so now I'm interested to know. Cards that increases your Damage Vs. When Orc Lord Helm Card triggers dmg Reflect, HP lost from that attack is Recovered. Crusader, Paladin Class: Blesses an Armor … Assassin Cross (Eremes) TalonRO: Add a 6% chance of inflicting Level 3 Critical Wounds on an enemy when the user receives Physical Damage. Even if it is very powerful, it is only a piece of debris. When this set is assembled, the following effects are bestowed: If Fallen Warrior Armor upgrade level is +9 or higher, Immune to Curse.