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Our Why

We want kids to continue to participate and enjoy all of the great health, education, physical and psychological benefits of playing sports.  Nationally, participation is on the decline and there is a direct correlation to volunteer coach training.  According to the Aspen Institute Project Play survey, youth coaches that received training in skills and communicating effectively with kids had a direct effect on attrition rates (5% vs. 26% with untrained youth coaches). 


When asked kids said they want the following from their coaches: respect and encouragement, positive role model, clear and consistent communication, knowledge of sport, someone who listens.  AAU Global Coach Academy enthusiastically agrees and delivers a comprehensive approach to creating and rewarding strong volunteer coaches.

We Believe

  • Youth sports is a great platform to have a positive impact on kids. In addition to learning the fundamentals of a sport they consider fun we are able to teach valuable life skills lessons while building confidence and inspiring healthy lifestyles.
  • A coach is key to ensuring a positive experience for every participant. In order to have the desired impact, volunteer coaches must possess skills as both effective mentor and credible resource for sports expertise.
  • Providing training for volunteer coaches empowers them to stay focused on the main goals of the youth sports experience and become a valuable resource to the youth that they serve.

Program Elements

– Youth Coach Orientation

  • Role of a Youth Coach
  • Teaching Fundamentals
  • Practice Plans
  • Game Management
  • Skills Development
  • Correcting Common Mistakes
  • Parent Engagement
  • Strength and Conditioning, Diet and Nutrition
– Practice Support
  • Court Monitoring
  • Drill Review
  • Game Strategy Adjustments
  • On Court Demonstrations
  • Game Observation
  • Sam Vincent Weekly Facebook Live
  • Q and A sessions
  • Personalized Feedback


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