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Championship Principles Challenge - Global Coach Academy
34 students


A Fun Life Skills Challenge Inspired by Legends – Tips Off June 15th

The 9-Week Challenge is an exciting, interactive journey through valuable life lessons, the Championship Principles learned by ex-NBA player and head coach Sam Vincent from three of the greats:

Magic Johnson: Passion * Respect * Communication

Larry Bird: Confidence * Preparation * Appreciation

Michael Jordan:  Work Ethic * Competitive Spirit * Driven

Each week, participants from around the world will:

  • Take a quick online course focused on one of Championship Principles
  • Interact with Coach Sam Vincent on a Facebook Live every Saturday
  • Have a Chance to Win a Weekly Sweepstakes Prize

Starting after June 15th?  Don’t worry!  It is easy to catch up and join the fun.


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  1. Nikola

    Looking forward to practice

    1. admin

      We are excited that you are joining us. Look out for all of the details!

  2. Vito Sverko

    Dear Sirs,
    do we know when we would have first practice?

    1. admin

      Hello! You will receive an e mail tomorrow with all of the details. Thank you for joining us!

      1. Vito Sverko

        I did not get an email with instructions….when we would have an practice?

        1. admin

          Hello Vito,

          Did you get the e mail about the Facebook Live Saturday? Were you able to join? We will be doing another one on Saturday. The lesson for this week will be added to the course shortly.



    Good luck

    1. admin

      Thank you. Excited that you are joining us!

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