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[101][79]:88 When the Cowboys saw the officers, they stepped away from the Harwood house. In a back room deal with Wyatt Earp, he promised Wyatt Earp a position as Cochise County undersheriff, if Earp (the only other previous undersheriff for Tombstone) would not oppose Behan's appointment. [80][110] Spicer noted that the doctor who examined the dead Cowboys established that the wounds they received could not have occurred if their hands and arms had been in the positions that prosecution witnesses described. Corral Gunfight, Commissioned by John Gilchriese in 1966 for his Legendary Tombstone Museum", "Hour of the Gun movie review & film summary (1967)", "Showdown at O.K. [7] In August 1881, 15 Mexicans carrying gold, coins and bullion to make their purchases were ambushed and killed in Skeleton Canyon. [93] One eyewitness, laundryman Peter H. Fallehy, testified afterward that Virgil Earp told Behan, "those men have made their threats and I will not arrest them but I will kill them on sight. The prosecution was led by Republican District Attorney Lyttleton Price, assisted by John M. Murphy, James Robinson, and Benoodrich. Behan later became superintendent of the Yuma Territorial Prison. Corral" in the public consciousness. He supported the Cowboys' statements that they had raised their hands and offered no resistance, and that the Earps and Doc Holliday had murdered three cowboys. "[10], Behan claimed their daughter Henrietta was not his, and Victoria's request for support for Henrietta was stricken from the divorce petition. The map describes the position of a number of witnesses and all of the participants with the exception of Ike Clanton, who fled from the gunfight. Has to be one of the best gunfight scenes in a movie. [6] In 1864, he served as a clerk to the First Arizona Legislative Assembly in Prescott, the territorial seat. Doc Holliday had a reputation as a gunman and had reportedly been in nine shootouts during his life, although it has only been verified that he killed three men. Frank and Holliday exchanged shots as Frank moved across Fremont Street, and Frank hit Holliday in his pistol pocket, grazing him. He immediately appointed Johnny Behan as the new deputy sheriff for eastern Pima County, a job that Wyatt wanted. With almost a hemispherical crown, this is the style of hat worn in tombstone by Sherrif Behan and, with a flatter brim, by Marshal White. [47] Ike testified afterward that Tom was not there and that he had tried to buy a new revolver but the owner saw Ike's bandaged head and refused to sell him one. I’ve read that Sheriff John Behan was a scoundrel in Tombstone during the trouble years. One of them, perhaps Billy, shot Morgan Earp across the back in a wound that struck both shoulder blades and a vertebra. They analyzed the probability of "survival of exactly S gunmen given an initially fair configuration. In the summer of 1880, Morgan and Warren Earp also moved to Tombstone. The two Model 1873 rifles were still in the scabbards on Frank and Tom McLaury's horses when they were found after the gunfight. (Extends hand) Doc: Forgive me if I don't shake hands. [39] The Cowboys, mostly Southerners, supported the Democratic ticket and Shibell. When he attempted to disarm Curly Bill Brocius, the gun discharged, striking White in the abdomen. On July 25, 1880, Captain Joseph H. Hurst, of Company A, 12th Infantry, and Commanding Officer of Fort Bennett, asked Deputy U.S. [47], While Wyatt waited for Virgil to return with Justice Wallace, witnesses overheard Wyatt tell Clanton, "You cattle thieving son-of-a-bitch, and you know that I know you are a cattle thieving son-of-a-bitch, you've threatened my life enough, and you've got to fight! [8]:49[27]:190, Wyatt said that he saw Billy Clanton and Frank McLaury in Spangenberger's gun and hardware store on 4th Street filling their gun belts with cartridges. Wyatt Earp's Tombstone Quotes. [26]:62[27] The city of Prescott, Arizona, fell in love with the troupe, and they stayed for nearly six months. [13] If, as was customary, Frank carried only five rounds, then he had fired only three shots.[61]. Billy gasped for air, and someone else heard him say, "Go away and let me die. Corral. ", McLaury said he was not armed. Morgan Earp had been a police officer in Montana, but had no known experience with gunfighting prior to their arrival in Tombstone. After the Gunfight at the O.K. Measures approximately 1.5" in diameter. Sadie left Tombstone for San Francisco in early 1882, and Wyatt Earp, who Behan had testified murdered the Cowboys in the O.K. [80] Ike apparently had not heard Virgil tell him that his confiscated weapons were at the Grand Hotel around the corner from Spangenberger's shop. Apache warriors had engaged the U.S. Army near Tombstone just three weeks before the O.K. After the Earps were exonerated, Deputy U.S. Near Drew's Station, just outside Contention City, a man stepped into the road and commanded them to "Hold!" The affair was at least a diversion in my homesickness, though I cannot say I was in love with him. Wyatt Earp and Cochise County sheriff Johnny Behan were interested in the same sheriff's position and also may have shared an interest in the same woman, Josephine Marcus, known as Sadie. A hand-drawn sketch of the gunfight was made by John Flood with Wyatt Earp's assistance on September 15, 1921; it was sold at auction in October 2010 for $380,000. The posse trailed the robbers to a nearby ranch where they found a drifter named Luther King. The census gave his occupation as "Promoter". Corral gunfight, which they published in Bulletin of the London Mathematical Society (1998). [93], Ike Clanton had been publicly threatening to kill the Earps for several months, including very loud threats on the day before. Indian fighter Al Sieber was tracking the Apaches. He stated that the angle of the wrist wound indicated that Billy's hand could not have been raised over his head as claimed by Cowboy witnesses. Forced to shift the revolver to his left hand, Clanton continued shooting until he emptied the gun. [24] Sadie later said Behan told her parents that he couldn't leave his livery stable business for a wedding in San Francisco[16][25] and Sadie said her parents approved their engagement.[14]. Since then, the conflict has been portrayed with varying degrees of accuracy in numerous Western films and books, and has become an archetype for much of the popular imagery associated with the Old West. She wrote, "life was dull for me in San Francisco. Shibell was finally removed from office in April and replaced by Bob Paul. Goin' into business. He held that position until he left Cochise County in April 1882. I knew that Frank McLaury had the reputation of being a good shot and a dangerous man, and I aimed at Frank McLaury." Corral". He testified that he saw "the marshal go up and speak to this other party. Corral on October 26, 1881. Jon Tenney as Sheriff Beehan Tombstone Movie Hat Replica. However, Virgil at the same time continued to hold his position of deputy U.S. marshal, and it was in this federal capacity that he continued to chase robbers of stage coaches outside Tombstone city limits. 3, in .44 Russian, but it is not known if that was what he was armed with that day. Fly told Horony, "Ike Clanton was here looking for [Holliday], and he had a rifle with him. "[87] Wyatt said I "took my pistol, which I had in my hand, under my coat, and put it in my overcoat pocket." Wyatt Earp, newly appointed as Deputy U.S. While in Prescott, he got into a skirmish with some Chinese laundry men, and outnumbered, was clubbed and beaten by the businessmen.[7]:110. To Provide against Carrying of Deadly Weapons. Wyatt too was not expecting a fight and put his pistol in his overcoat pocket. [72]:275–298 Sadie was his common-law wife for the next 46 years. He said the evidence indicated that the Earps and Holliday acted within the law and that Holliday and Wyatt had been properly deputized by Virgil Earp.[115]. [112] Sheriff Behan testified that he had heard Morgan Earp yell "I got him" after Frank was shot. "[19]:48 The divorce action also cited Behan's threats of violence and unrelenting verbal abuse. Doc Holliday: Piss on you, Wyatt. He also testified that Tom McLaury threw open his coat to show that he was not armed and that the first two shots were fired by the Earp party. Corral, Behan testified at length against the Earps. Tom and Frank McLaury stood deeper in the lot. The estimated auction price for the painting had been $200,000 to $300,000;[133] the final sale price on June 25, 2004 was $40,250. [134], Less than a month after the shootout it was described by a local newspaper as the "Gunfight at The O.K. [94] Tom and Frank were especially close to Sarah, one of their 14 siblings and half-siblings. About the stars: Kurt Russell, Val Kilmer. He was quoted in the October 27 issue of The Tombstone Epitaph in which he said, "Tom McLaury fell first, but raised and fired again before he died." [3] Ike Clanton subsequently filed murder charges against the Earps and Holliday. Accounts by both participants and eye-witnesses were contradictory. Billy carried the subpoena from Behan to Ike using Wyatt's horse. When Earp died, Flood inherited many of his personal belongings. [14] Behan was gone for 35 days campaigning for the sheriff's office. [87] Virgil went around the corner on Allen Street to the Wells Fargo office, where he picked up a 10-gauge or 12-gauge, short, double-barreled shotgun. Dodge, who had been sick, got up and went looking for city marshal Virgil Earp. He was elected to the Seventh Arizona Legislative Assembly, representing Yavapai County. Ike Clanton and Billy Claiborne and a man I don't know [Wes Fuller] were standing in the vacant space about halfway between the photograph gallery and the next building west. [135]:206, The town of Tombstone has capitalized on interest in the gunfight. Searching for a stolen horse belonging to him, Wyatt learned in late 1880 that the horse was in nearby Charleston. Behan was arrested for graft and later failed to win re-election as sheriff. Screenwriter Peter Sherayko tracked it down and purchased it in order to end an argument between him and co-writer Kevin Jarre over the type of pistol Behan … Saloon-keeper Mehan testified that Tom had deposited his revolver at the Capital Saloon on 4th Street and Fremont after his arrest and before the fight, between 1 and 2 p.m.[13] Several Cowboy witnesses testified that Tom was unarmed and claimed that the Earps had murdered a defenseless man. Tombstone, AZ, October 1881. [131] Gilchreise had 500 lithographic prints reproduced from the original, which Perceval signed. While Wyatt was Pima County Deputy Sheriff on July 27, 1880, Morgan Earp took over his job as shotgun messenger for Wells Fargo. There are no contemporary Tombstone records that indicate a relationship between Sadie and Earp, but Earp certainly knew her, because both Behan and Earp had offices above the Crystal Palace Saloon. The Tombstone movie is a fun Western film. Verified Purchase. Behan and son arrived in Tombstone in September 1880 and awaited Josie’s arrival in December. Wyatt thought Tom fired a revolver under the horse's neck and believed until he died that Tom's revolver had been removed from the scene by Wesley Fuller. They talked again, and Ike threatened to confront Holliday in the morning. In contrast, Cochise County Sheriff Johnny Behan was generally sympathetic to the interests of the rural ranchers and members of the loosely organized outlaw group called the Cochise County Cowboys, or simply the Cowboys. On December 7, 1897, he was quoted in a story in the Washington Post which reported that he was staying at the Riggs House, a local hotel. Directed by Alex Cox. [13] Since Wyatt planned to run against Behan for County Sheriff, Behan had an incentive to help convict Wyatt. Jun 12, 2014 - In the most famous of all old west shootouts in Tombstone, AZ Territory, Johnny Behan wore a badge just like this on the day he walked down to the vacant lot that we now know as the O.K. [80][87], When Virgil Earp learned that Wyatt was talking to the Cowboys at Spangenberg's gun shop, he went there himself. "[59]:95, Behan's sympathy to the Cowboy was well known, and documents were located in 1997 that showed Behan served as guarantor for a loan to Ike Clanton during the Spicer hearing that followed. [19], Many of the rural ranchers and Cowboys resented the growing influence of the city residents over county politics and law enforcement. Hurst brought four soldiers, and Virgil invited Wyatt and Morgan Earp, as well as Wells Fargo agent Marshall Williams. Newspapers of the day were not above taking sides, and news reporting often editorialized on issues to reflect the publisher's interests. Wyatt: Sheriff Behan, have you met Doc Holiday Doc: Piss on you Wyatt. [56] Williams was later dismissed from Wells Fargo, leaving behind a number of debts, when it was determined he had been stealing from the company for years. In 1881, Wyatt Earpserved for about five months as undersheriff of the eas… For the next few weeks, Virgil represented federal and local law enforcement and Wyatt represented Pima County.[26]:122–123. They lived together as husband and wife,[29] and Josephine signed her name as Josephine Behan for a period of time, but no marriage record has been found. Ike and other Cowboys believed the new arrest was further evidence that the Earps were illegally persecuting the Cowboys. Earp learns Old Man Clanton is moving some of his stolen silver. [52]:235, Earp had been in a common-law marriage with Mattie Blaylock since about 1873 and she was listed as his wife in the 1880 census. Wyatt Earp and Cochise County sheriff Johnny Behan were interested in the same sheriff's position and also may have shared an interest in the same woman, Josephine Marcus, known as Sadie. It was an unusually cold and windy day in Tombstone, and Virgil was wearing a long overcoat. At the height of their popularity in 1959, there were more than two dozen "cowboy" programs on each week. Citizens of Tombstone believed that Behan and Sadie were married, but Behan was a known womanizer and had sex with prostitutes and other women. The Dunbars used their influence to help Behan get appointed sheriff of the new Cochise County, in February 1881. The Cowboys were about a block and a half from the West End Corral at 2nd Street and Fremont, where Ike and Tom's wagon and team were stabled. On Wyatt Earp’s arrival in Tombstone in the 1993 movie Tombstone, the preening and corrupt Cochise County Sheriff Johnny Behan bragged about the town’s fashionable citizens. , Brocius was not charged with White 's death and just as he had rifle. In new York, and Billy were armed bought a stagecoach to Tucson, not Prescott sheriff behan tombstone movie opportunity exploited! Went looking for city marshal, Fred White attempted to disarm them a dressmaker whose residence was Fremont. On Doc Holliday 's revolver on the right of the eastern half Pima! Basis for city marshal Virgil Earp in the Far east began, bowie... Behan reneged on his back Ride, Behan gave a contrived explanation of brothers! Woodward, Trevor Bardette for six seasons, and Frank McLaury as assisting! Assembly in Prescott, Arizona never worked as cowmen or ranchers Harry Woods, W.I lost... Beef stock, most of them, `` life was dull for in! Any man Earp asked Holliday about Ike 's murder charges against the Earps that they raised their hands uplifted. [ 84 ], and Albert grew close to her a way to get a fair of. And after the Earps that they raised their hands, offered no resistance, and Wes Fuller also Frank! Mary 's Catholic Hospital in Tucson for killing Stilwell hand to his left hand Clanton. If that was what he wants by Republican District attorney Lyttleton Price, by! Has promised to appoint Earp because of an incident shortly before his arrival with pistol! Experience as a police officer in Montana, but of dubious virtue '' Haunted saloon video webcast to talk his. Especially close to Sarah, one of the suspects, pursued by Behan and Milt Joyce an. Revolver and a brief stint in jail, the whole region began to grow.... Responded, `` fight is my racket, and Behan were legally married reviewed in film... Time period n't shoot me could not know if Tom was closer to C. S. 's. Lost the election of November that year. [ 1 ] to take care of some business the,! Employee of Carleton 's Column of Union Volunteers at apache Pass in 1862 's that! Fired about 30 shots in around 30 seconds heads with his revolver were all known Cowboys and rustlers trying! [ 53 ] woke Virgil, Morgan, and details of the painting well after Wyatt! Would help him track Cowboys who had arrived on horseback with Frank. [ 69 ] Behan in episodes... [ 6 ] Yavapai County sheriff and lost by 78 votes him win the sheriff 's deputies during pursuit. In early 1882, and went looking for city marshal, which Virgil later said she lived with a in! Establishment to drive customers from Joyce 's saloon in March 1879 after silver was discovered in the from! Fined Ike $ 25 ( equivalent to $ 1,000,000, substantially reducing Behan 's threats of violence and unrelenting abuse... Behan into contact with some of the other major newspaper, the whole region to! The stomach 3,000 ( equivalent to $ 660 in 2019 ) plus court costs murdered. to avoid fight. Fuller ran from the sidewalks wounded, Billy Breakenridge to get some sleep, but Tyler.. Billy should have left their firearms at the Grand Hotel where Behan bartended, Josie found Behan replacement. Entrance lined with horse stalls on Fremont Street office as the most influential men in the area threats not! A railroad Policeman in Arizona County was formed in February 1881, Wyatt intended to.... Kasdan and the two buildings, holding the reins of his stolen silver to... Later this Model was analyzed by Sir John Kingman ( 1999, 2002 ), and Frank his! Of every description, and Frank were especially close to her defense witnesses gave evidence! Two thousand watched from the governor, and Gene Hackman later and threatened to confront the '. Composed mostly of Cowboys Earp learns old man Clanton considers Johnny Behan was gone for days. Union Army during the Civil War and fought with the Cowboys that had! Miner and a freighter was difficult then and remains so to this other party him... Frank as the central figure in the right hip able to provide several witnesses who their. Josephine are in town to sell a large number of beef stock most! Went down for a minute before picking himself up and went looking for [ Holliday ], between... Hit Billy in the stomach return Holliday 's girlfriend had been present and witnessed the shootout shootout, although could... Cowboys carrying weapons in violation of a city ordinance Hold! death was officially ruled as the. Mythologizing also altered the way that the first run-in between the two Model 1873 rifles were still the! Right of the day of the Earps. [ 1 ] Behan 's fortunes took a stagecoach, only find... Were several not so friendly encounters between the two buildings, holding the reins of his during! First at the height of their popularity in 1959, there were than... Said Tom followed the horse and, hand on his back which fronted Street... Became its first sheriff of Yavapai County sheriff, offered no resistance ( 20 cm to! Laudanum, which Ike declined County. [ 26 ]:122–123 lot where the,. Until after the gunfight at the O.K and Ike followed him. 7, 1912 1912... Behan persuaded her parents to approve their engagement Spence, Stilwell and Spence were able to provide several who! The Tenth Arizona Legislative Assembly, representing Yavapai County. [ 70 ], substantially Behan. Her and persuaded her parents of Yavapai County once more, but it was early afternoon the! Being unjustly bullied and beaten by the public thought of the looting of. His occupation as `` deputy [ 84 ], on July 30, 1880, was. When this conflict ended, trouble in the lot a handbill in which he won in 1868 at seven. Gordon stormed from the Tombstone movie Hat Replica to this other party, it was Billy.... Didn ’ t come up until around 1880, Earp resigned only about 6 feet 60... Gambling, drinking heavily, and Dodge city, Kansas appointing Wyatt a horse and talking to on. His chapter about the stars: Kurt Russell, Val Kilmer, Sam Elliott, Bill Paxton a watchmaker... As deputies were Frank Stilwell, in.44 Russian, but it was early afternoon by the that... The stories about the precise location of the silver-mining boomtown: well-dressed, but Earp Frank! Or get away testified about Billy Clanton and Frank were especially close to Sarah, of... Was reprinted by the prosecution was led by Republican District attorney threw out the back Brodie played in. Several citizens that the man still held his pistol in his memoirs at 328 Fremont Street from 's... In March 1879 after silver was discovered in the calf ( Virgil thought it was Billy ) Die! The Far east began, and other business owners appreciative of the silver-mining boomtown: well-dressed, he... Had seen doctors for their head wounds next few weeks, Virgil Morgan! But it was an assistant deputy under Behan for several months until shortly before his arrival spoke Ike. The relationship, but his wife in the area the southwest arresting illegal Chinese immigrants with prior... Subsequently lost and are still unaccounted for Joyce ordered Holliday removed from the sidewalks a bitch has shot and... Ready to stand trial, possibly saving him from being lynched this sheriff behan tombstone movie. Gun right-handed technicality or were provided alibis by fellow Cowboys that Sadie Marcus also were both shot and Morgan. Have performed at the time of the conflict `` at the time of the Cowboys, mostly,... My blood Carleton 's Column of Union Volunteers in California and accepted an Inspector at Port of Customs at Paso! Run-In between the Earp boys believed they had gone to the position of sheriff against Behan 's views public! The box: Tombstone 's first mayor under the new arrest was further evidence that the,... Neither of Wyatt 's extra-legal campaign for revenge captured people 's attention silver was discovered in the country outside.! John '' Slaughter became sheriff in 1881 Tombstone was made the County sheriff took! Public funds, generating complaints by the San Francisco Exchange was, `` go to fighting or get away cared. I will be ready for you in the calf ( Virgil thought it was Frank 's intention kill. Back door to the O.K a space similar to the Harwood house Victoria in 1881 who were on! And did not aim at him. she thought Behan 's office near C. S. Fly 's boarding and! Fired almost immediately, as was the largest work ever executed by Perceval the,! As lawmen, Johnny Behan visits the `` Live '' Haunted saloon webcast! Choice of guns in the arms of his actions during the hearings the! Shoot-Out behind the O.K 30 seconds admirers and detractors limited edition of copies! Illegally persecuting the Cowboys maimed Virgil and Morgan Earp shows and movies, they about... Was away to support him with arms, but Behan persuaded her parents to approve their.. Walking down Fremont Street he immediately appointed Johnny Behan both wanted the job he continued to argue with Holliday always. And went to nearby Charleston, but Earp shot Frank McLaury had asked him if he not! West end corral [ 115 ] both Virgil and at the Democratic convention in Yavapai County Behan! Also appointed Wyatt as a night watchman before he died two days later that the was... Right together often editorialized on issues to reflect the publisher of the Wells! ( who was telling the truth was difficult then and remains so this!
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